This is not a real post...yet.

Don't you just hate it when somebody likes you, but the person never makes a move??

and it's worse when you like the person too, and you have given the person all the 'green lights' possible.


let me just ask him out already.

teeny weeny problem: i'm african, nigerian, yoruba to be precise.

i was not brought up that way.

i really hope this my cover doesnt get blown, cos imma be posting my deepset, darkest fantasies mehn, things i will never ever ever ever i mean never ever say out loud.

it will not be funny if this cover gets blown!

and really, 3 followers already?? i love you guys!

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Just...Toluwa said...

i feel you. My blog gt i love it too much to change my URL...

Welcome to blogsville....

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